Often founders and product managers find themselves stack with hundreds of ideas to grow their startups. But a clear strategy to implement them effectively is missing. This board guides you through a methodical approach to get into the habit of experimentation as way to grow products strategically.

Just follow each frame in the given order, it contains instructions and examples.

Do not get overwhelmed. You do not need to do every single exercise. Just be aware of all the tools and frameworks and use the ones that seem more appealing and go deep there. The most important thing is to take the first step. Let’s get started.

If you prefer, book a slot on our calendar, and we will guide you through the assessment.

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Helps to focus on the right thing!

Joan walks you through a framework for assessing your product strategy and helps you focus in on things like key metrics, Product Market Fit survey/what to ask users, user flow to aha moments etc. So for us that last point was most helpful as hadn’t thought about it much yet.

Matthew /

Useful Miro board!

Most important is perhaps the overall framework, and he leaves you with a Miro board with all the ideas mapped out that you can iterate on, It took 40 mins.

Josh /

Aha moment!

The miro board was great, and the user journey to aha moment was my aha moment 🙂

I had a Product Assessment call with Joan, it was well worth my time, so I wanted to share with the group

Sean /